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Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca at Chac-Mool

Learn Spanish at our Spanish School Chac-Mool. The central objective of our programs is that our students reach their full potential academically (comprehension, fluidity, reading and writing) and culturally (History and Literature) as well as a greater understanding of the acceptance of other styles of life and society.

Our goal is to have you communicating in . Our approach focuses on an individual’s learning ability. Courses include Spanish instruction in a small group setting, larger group activities and periodic one-on-one instruction. You may begin classes any Monday all year round and you may study for as little as one week.

The school’s facilities are excellent; we have indoor and outdoor classrooms, a library, a beautiful, large grassy area that surrounds and a covered cafeteria where snacks, coffee and tea are served every day.


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Instituto Chac-Mool

 Privada de la Pradera 108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.

Call Us: (777) 317 2555 1 (480) 338 5147